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Teen Ambassador

photo1 248x300 Teen Ambassador
Forest is a four and a half year old Bloodhound who loves to chase squirrels and tennis balls and go for car rides. He is also a K9 Police Officer with the Lexington County Sherriff’s Department.

Two years ago, I came upon a social action opportunity with a non profit organization that provides specialized body armor vests for K9 officers.
Heroes Vest Fund is a local organization that raises awareness and funding for protective gear for these very special dogs. Heading a fundraising campaign, I was able to provide Forest with the protection vest that he wears while on duty.
Lexington County currently has eight K9 officers.

These dogs go through a minimum of twelve weeks of training at the beginning of their career. The K9 officers love their jobs, and work as long as they are physically able to perform their duties. Many are retired around the age of ten. The department uses breeds such as German Sheppard, Belgium Malinois and Bloodhounds. While these animals work and continue to train, they live with their Police Officer partner/handler. They chase balls, play in the park and lounge on sofas while off duty, but on duty, these dogs are serious about their work. Forest is a specialized “Man Tracker” whose specific talents are used for things such as locating a missing child or Alzheimer’s patient or tracking an assailant. However, all of the K9’s are trained for duty and they require special protection just as their human partners, but for the K9’s these bullet/stab/slash proof vests are optional equipment and are not provided by county or state funding.

I am currently working on a campaign with the Heroes Vest Fund to raise funding to provide body protection vests for four K9 Officers. We are asking for support from the community that these officers serve.

All donations are welcome and are tax deductible. You may also mail donations to The Heroes Vest Fund, P.O. Box 1851, Lexington, S.C. 29071

On behalf of these brave Officers, thank you.
Leeam Stein