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About Us

Heroes Vest Fund uses public donations to purchase and donate body armor to K-9 Officers throughout South Carolina. Body armor for K-9’s is ‘optional’ equipment that is not provided through county or state funding. Our mission is to purchase and donate these vests to the K-9 Officers throughout the state.

Many Law Enforcement Departments throughout South Carolina operate a K-9 Unit. The K-9’s main job is to protect his partner while committing to his specialty of locating illegal drugs, missing persons and suspects in criminal investigations. Many departments also have a specialty K-9 that works exclusively with explosives and ballistics. They keep your community buildings and schools safe as well as provide sweep services for buildings and events to include Presidential visits.

Each time these four legged heroes are called out to duty, they are subjected to the same risks as their human partners, most times more.

These much needed bullet/stab/slash proof vests can mean the difference in life or death for these officers in their pursuit of justice. Each custom vest costs $2,100.

Join us in adding the protection these heroes deserve by making a contribution to Heroes Vest Fund.

107 About Us


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of fundraisers to generate funds to purchase vests. We involve the community in these fundraisers as well as local schools.

Do you have an idea? For fundraiser support in the classroom or your community please contact us.